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Activity Summary: Gunmax has basically done nothing but bitch and complain and be confused since he showed up. Well okay that's not entirely accurate. He's chatted with a few people and cruised around a bit trying to get a better feel for the place. After getting his robo-guts upgraded for Energon he jumped on the police force since that's what all the cool kids were doing. And by cool kids I mean those loser BP's. He spends most of his time either at the police station or out on patrol, but he still pops into his little room thingy at "Megawhatever" temple from time to time.

Also he's decided that every last one of those Firstforged guys can bite his shiny metal ass. So can Power Joe.


Activity Summary:
-Gunmax was unaffected by the whole energon thing, but he got to deal with Power Joe's stupid greedy energon crap first hand when he moved himself into Gunmax's room and kidnapped his baby AKA Gunbike.
-PJ glued him to the wall. Important plot point this is not really.
-Ironhide glued them both to the wall because PJ was actin' all nutty and Gunmax was being a gigantic asshole and deliberately antagonizing PJ.
-Basically Gunmax spent the entire time being a nuisance, except for when he decided that getting Kagerou drunk would be a good idea- no wait that's still being a nuisance, but in his own dumb Gunmax way he was still trying to help the poor loser out.
-ALSO encouraged Deckard's weird wacky energon induced behavior because that's a good idea
-Tried to pick a fight with Bulkhead for kicks
-BONDED WITH DAD aka Ironhide
-Yelled about stuffed, bitched about things
-Gave Deckard props for all the crap he did during the energon thing because he's a terrible influence on boyscouts
-Started hitting on some chaos goddess because THAT'S a good idea.
-Flipped out over the glyph thing. Got over it mostly
-Still thinks the First Forged can go suck butts

And then a whole bunch of shit happened and everyone went off to fight the big bads. Gunmax chose to return home with Deckard with his memories of his time spent in the game.


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